For a while since March I did’t feel like posting anything, didn’t go to out at all, just wanted to stay in my shell without movement.


My daughter was in this one nursery school for 2 years, since she was a seven months old baby. This April she started at a new school. The rhythm of our lives changed, and I still cannot get back on my feet and find any kind of balance.


I thougt I was a typical Pisces, always looking forward to the future and not living in the present, but It turns out that I was really dependent on the routine we had…


March: I am nervous and so much stuff to do. It’s my last month to take her to nursery school by bus, but it is suddenly so hard, I’m super tired and washed out. I look pretty terrible too!


April: new school, new teachers, new rules, and how do I explain it all to an anxious baby, who’s in the middle of Terrible Twos?


Anyway, its weekend!
Have a great one.

DATE 2017.04.28



MilK JAPON #35